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Hi. I'm {sb}.

I specialized in branding & full-service cre8tive content design for all your digital, social, print, & grassroots business needs.

Cre8tive Notes

an unfiltered account of life's cre8tive journey

My talents include...

Brand Cre8tion & Logo Design

Print + Digital


Harmonious Rebrands & Marketing Makeovers

Email & SMS Marketing

design, content & delivery



Social Content 


strategy, design & storytelling

Lisa Davenport LDD Interiors.jpg

“{sb} not only walked the rebranding rope confidently, there were times I swear she did a double back flip while juggling flaming torches...”
~ Lisa Davenport, LDD Interiors

Wisdom + Cre8tivity

My services are ideal for business owners and fellow Cre8tors who value quality digital design, refreshingly honest guidance, and decades of branding experience.

What's in it for you? 

I will bring your vision to life, or, I'll cre8te a look that is uniquely you. Or both.

You'll feel gr8 about your professional presentation & branded content.


You'll stay on task, make deadlines, achieve goals & see results. 


You'll also enjoy endless compliments one your branding and marketing. might even enjoy it.

Accepting new projects via referral only.

tap a project to see my cre8tivity at work

Rain Wellness Spa Logo created by SB Cre8tive.png
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Rock Paper Sistas'.png
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Steady Photography.png
BABE Logo Stacked2.png
Jai Yoga Brand and Logo Creation by SB Cre8tive Branding and Design.png

“{sb} is insightful, ridiculously informative, and extraordinarily intuitive.”
~ Jennifer Greenwald, Jai Yoga

living the cre8tive life

Ideas & designs flow naturally for me and I enjoy using my gifts and experiences to help my clients thrive on their own cre8tive journey.


When I'm not cre8ting for work, I'm cre8ting for play, passion projects, and mentoring the next generation of Cre8tive Professionals. 


When I'm not cre8ting, I'm advocating. Battling daily for my child's rights & access to disability services, healthcare, & a safe education as Autistic American citizen.


I utilize what Autism & advocacy teaches me about human behavior & communication to perfect my cre8tions and strive to continue to enhance user-friendliness for our increasingly Neurodiverse World.

Founder, Cre8tor, 
Autism Advocate, 

Therapy Cat Lady

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