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Witness Miracles Daily

Over the last few years, we've experienced a lot of firsts for Jake and I've captured it all on Snapchat. Ask any of my Snap Fans and they'll tell you that we all cry together when Jake does something miraculous. Even grown men have messaged me to share their tears of joy. Why Snapchat? As a Social Storytelling Artist, Brand Influencer and Autism Parent, Snapchat allows me a safe, pollution-free environment for cre8ting content and sharing spontaneous life moments. And just like I believe individuals with Autism are more evolved human beings, I believe that Snapchat is a more evolved social network. Here's why:

Exclusivity: Our Story is Sacred and you’ve got to earn the right to follow it. That's right, it's not about the number of followers, it's the quality of people you're letting into your life. Cre8tive Control: On Snapchat I can control exactly who see's what, when and I know who screenshots my cre8tions or photos of Jake.

Real Life Authenticity: Snapchat embraces imperfection. If your life is spotless white with kids and pets than by all means brag about it on Instagram. Snapchat is for real people who live normal, unstaged, sometimes messy lives. Sensory Friendly: No scrolling, public comments, pop-ups, hearts flying thru the air, senseless notifications, fake news or negativity pollution. Instead, super fun silly filters, lenses and stickers for limitless cre8tivity and storytelling artistry. Efficient Engagement: Zero Like Validation Required. We don't care if you "LIKE" us, we know you love us. And its time we taught our kids that they do not need to spend hours a day "LIKE-ing" what other people are posting. 👉🏼soapbox👈🏼 You can keep saying you don't "get" Snapchat {even though you're already using a ripped-off watered down version on FB & IG} and you can keep missing out. Or you can evolve and become a more inspired, socially-enlightened individual who {bonus!} gets to witness miracles.

Any Questions?

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