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Team No Sleep MVP

Unhealthy sleep is an issue for ALL families, especially those who have children with Autism.

Imagine only getting 4-5 hours of sleep a night for over 6 years. {Yup, that was us.} The physical, mental and financial strains that sleep deprivation puts on a family is debilitating. And yet everyday Autism families continue to thrive, go to work and be kind to others despite feeling like a complete Zombies.

Know a Team No Sleep MVP? Tell them how much you appreci8te with them a free printable shared ideally with some caffeine and a hug.

I'm thrilled to share that after 7 years, Jake is finally starting to sleep thru the night. IT IS GLORIOUS! And it only takes one bad night to remind me of how far we've come.

Here are a few tips for my fellow NO SLEEP Team Members... Live in Survival Mode Put on your oxygen mask first and only take care of your immediate family needs to survive. Everything and everyone else can wait.

Say No Did I mention you were in Survival Mode? Whatever it is, just say no. Your family plane could crash at any moment, you don't have the energy or time to waste trying to make other people happy.

Embrace Drivers The scariest thing to do when you're sleep deprived is driving a vehicle. Whenever possible, carpool, uber, let Jesus take the wheel! Ok, maybe not that far, but you get the point.

Cat Nap Even 10 minutes can help recharge your mind & body. {SOCIAL PSA} Not every person passed out in their car on their lunch break has a drug problem. Some are just exhausted parents trying to catch some Zzzz's.

Lastly, invest in a gr8 eye cream There is nothing worse than everyone telling you how tired you look to remind you of how tired you feel. I've tried them all and the best is Youth Eye Complex by @isclinical iS Clinical. Find it @rainwellnessspa - tell 'um {sb} sent you!

Cheers to a restful weekend everyone. xoxo {sb}

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