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Summer Inspir8tion

Updated: May 19, 2018

Summer goes by so fast. I'll keep this brief.


Despite our best efforts to unplug, life & technology gets in the way of our downtime experience. I'm sharing a few tips and tricks I use to live in the moment when taking time off and keep that cre8tive inspiration flowing.


Or screenshots, photos, links...a collection to revisit later. Use the notes feature on your phone, send yourself an email or build a wall of post-it notes. Whatever works for you.   

PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY Cre8te memories that are just yours. We've become so programed to capture everything we've made it impossible to be truly present in the cre8tive details of smell, touch, site, taste, sound... If the thought of putting your phone away gives you anxiety..... OK FINE, TAKE PHOTOS BUT DON'T SHARE THEM Capture moments, patterns, nature - things that speak to you and move on. I promise you will utilize them when you're back to work in a more meaningful, purposeful way. 

BE SOCIAL IN REAL LIFE  Spend less time LIKING what everyone else is doing and do the things you like with people & pets you love.

Cheers to a cre8tive & relaxing summer. xoxo {sb}

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