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Say it Straight, Simple, and with a Smile

Tuesday Truth Bomb: All of your customers and employees have special needs and talking louder isn't the way to get them to "hear" you.

Download your free printable and post this wherever you need a friendly reminder. ——— Every day Jake teaches me new ways to more efficiently and effectively communicate with him. Most days without speaking a word. He's mastered the art of sign language, universal icons, keyboards, picture schedules, concisely written words and body language to very effectively get what he wants. Jake's wisdom is a gift that I embrace and put to work for my clients. Less-is-more design, user-friendly online experiences, and a succinct marketing voice are just a few ways I make it ridiculously easy for people to understand what you do and how you can do business together.

Got Cre8tive Special Needs? Let’s cre8te!

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