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Modern Workday Affirmations 😍

For my entire life, I've been told I have "No Filter". As if it were a bad thing.

Thankfully, you've all seen the Light on this one. These days, No Filter is how we universally

define, label, and affirm what is truth and reality. So by cre8tive default, this makes me uniquely qualified to deliver these Modern Workday Affirmations. I hope you not only enjoy them, but you embrace them too.


WARNING: The Truth Hurts

This email was cre8ted for inspirational purposes. There is always a chance TRUTH being shared with NO FILTER may trigger uncomfortable feelings.

Resist the urge to react and consider spending sometime reflecting on the feelings. You may be surprised by what they tell you.


You're so vain, I bet you think this email is about you.

Quincy Jones sums it up nicely,

"An ego is just a dressed up insecurity."

If any human could justifiably have an amigo ego, it would be someone who showed up and put in the work like Quincy Jones.

The Lesson: Once you've learned not to trust your Ego, you'll no longer feel the need to flex it.


Replace Podcasts w/ anything: BIGFOOT, ASTROLOGY, CNN

This one goes out to all the ambitious women over 50 who all email me at the same time after a podcast. :) lol. *It's as if they're adding subliminal messaging to these shows.

Ask Yourself: What is it that makes them so believable? And start there.


Energy is the new currency.

Our mental, emotional, physical, and professional energy are valued so much gr8er than time & cash put together.

When people say, "I love your energy", what they really mean is, "I'm an energy vampire and I'm going to suck the life out of you".

Price Accordingly.



I will be respectful of others' time, organize my thoughts, articulate them into words, and send an email.

You may find this hard to believe, but us daring WFH pioneers, who have worked circles around everyone efficiently for the last 10+ years, have done so with just a phone, email, and occasional face time meetings that cost extra for a reason.


Please enjoy these cre8tively inappropriate Zoom background graphics.


You don't even realize you're doing it.

I'd love to blame social media, but it's been around for generations. Toxic Positivity is a disingenuous, insincere, unhealthy mindset of inappropriate validation and two-faced lies packaged-up & delivered as kindness. Google it.

On social media the mutated and highly viral toxins enables unhealthy behaviors that manifest into deep depression. IRL it’s destroying trust and relationships.

Detox starts with recognizing it.


Um hello?! It's 2022.

Life is not NICE.

1) Silencing others because you don't want to hear it is Censorship.

2) Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood {this generations Mr. Rogers} inspires our kids to, "Use your words, say how you feel."

There is no asterisk disclaimer, "*unless it's not nice, keep that to yourself."


It's not about you. It's about others putting themselves first for survival.

Ok fine, I snuck this one in as a Mom, not a Cre8tive professional. Boundaries are healthy, honest, and helpful. For individuals on the Autism Spectrum & their families, declaring & respecting clear, upfront boundaries relieves a gr8 deal of anxieties and makes navigating everyday life more livable for everyone.

Friendly Reminder: If your people can't respect your boundaries. They are not your people.


Self-care is the best care.

The 2022 clock and the calendar have both become moving targets.

We no longer have the luxury of burn out.

The demands continue to increase and we've already used up our reserve tanks.

If all you've done today is take care of yourself (and your family), you've done enough.


You made it to the end. Thank you for your time & attention. Which affirmation speaks to you the most?

These Affirmation Card Graphics are free for you to download, share, post or print. Tag me anywhere @: sbcre8tive - I appreciate healthy inspired validation from others who appreciate my cre8tions. Lastly, how's it going? Whatcha been up to?


Shannon Beth Engravalle

{sb}Cre8tive Branding & Design


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