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FB & IG are down 💩 What Now? Marketing Without Facebook

I told you so. #StopHateForProfit

Facebook & Instagram are down... What are you going to do next?


Stay Calm Businesses were successful long before FB & IG every existed.


That Google My Business Page sure is making a lot more sense now isn't it?

Start posting updates daily there so your content is FRESH when people come looking for you.


Capture your exclusive audience - FOR GOOD!

Move your email subscribe form to above the fold, front and center of your website and consider offering an incentive for people who subscribe.


Find your people on other {better, safer, more fun} platforms.

Try Twitter or Snapchat. Your phone will tell you which of your contacts is on those sites so you can easily connect with them.

Add me on Snapchat, it's my Cre8tive Happy Place.


Cre8te your own "social medium"

Add a BLOG, FORUM or GALLERY to your website that allows fans/visitors/customers to keep up and comment with you in your own exclusive community.


What else?

There's an app for that. Maybe your business should have one.

Signage with QR Codes to subscribe to emails.

Typically, I'd say something about the proven power of direct mail, but right now is not the time for that. Order it now or you're not getting it.

Schedule a call with your trusted Cre8tive to talk about positive social change for the better.


You may have heard there is a boycott underway... I'd like to share a Cre8tive Perspective.

As a marketing professional, I witness the power of Facebook's incredibly targeted & cost-effective advertising platform, daily. There is nothing else like it. As an American, Mother, and Kundalini Yogi who strives for a Unity Conscious Existence , I feel called to share Truths about in-plain-sight hate & misinformation that Facebook fuels and profits from. I hope this email inspires you to gain more awareness, so you can decide how you, your family, and your business want to move forward in 2020 and beyond




Hundreds of Big Brands, Businesses, and Americans demanding change by standing in solidarity and pausing advertising {and in some cases organic activity } on Facebook & Instagram for the remainder of 2020.

This is all to put pressure on Mark Zuckerberg to stop turning a blind eye on ads and harassment that targets individuals and promotes hate, bigotry, racism, and violence.



It's not just business. It's individuals too.

According to the Online Hate & Harassment Report, 42% of daily FB users in 2020 have experienced harassment & hate based on their identity.

Our everyday Facebook & Instagram activity makes us vulnerable.

Personal status updates, Comments, Likes, Shopping, Check-ins, Groups, Chats and tuning in LIVE to anything, especially if it includes politics or a politician. These are all ways hate groups are targeting you and your friends with misinformation and hate.

It's an election year.

The hate is going to continue to amplify as we get closer to November. It's time to observe our Leaders.... Are they fueling the hate for their own profit or votes? Are they willing to hold Mark Zuckerberg accountable?



The most powerful thing WE THE PEOPLE can do as individuals & businesses is start taking the power away from these platforms by transitioning and practicing our social lives differently.

**PLEASE NOTE** I am not suggesting anyone quit cold turkey. I'd like to inspire you with ways to transition your habits for more meaningful connections with your friends & customers.

Below are a few tips for getting started. I'd be happy to chat with you about them in more detail. Just hit reply and ask.


Destination Websites Give your people a reason to frequently visit your website first. Make your website a destination for the best & freshest content with blogs, galleries and forums that create, curate and collect conversations off social media.

Update Your Database Social Media Distancing will happen . When it's safe to be together again, we're not going to care so much about what's happening on social media. Now is the time to reach out to your people and start collecting emails and mailing addresses.

Explore New Mediums Twitter is brevity at its finest and has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to hate. Even our POTUS gets shut down. Your Google Business Page is the 1st point of contact for your customers. Spend as much time on Google Business as you do Facebook and you will experience gr8 results.

Make OG Referrals Word of month is the most powerful, and cost-effective form of marketing known to man. Start making those valuable connections in more personal ways like a phone call or email. Cre8te an easy referral strategy that rewards everyone involved and share it frequently on all marketing.

GR8 EXAMPLE V.F. McNeil Insurance promotes their referral program on the backside of all printed business cards and digital communications.

Take Back Personal Greetings Start wishing people a happy birthday in more personal ways like a phone call, a text or a birthday card. Resist the urge to slide into DM's and reach out in-person to learn how they most want to be contacted off social media.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered! Want someone's undivided attention? Send them something in the mail. Don't have addresses? You can purchase targeted lists from USPS. Get ready! This holiday season is going to be very print heavy. We're going to see a resurgence in catalogs and greeting cards like never before.

Collabor8te We're all in this together. Join forces as individuals to come together for a community project...or connect with complimentary businesses that benefit or speak-to your people & customers .

Get Cre8tive Outdoors Business as usual is OUT THE DOOR. So take it outside and get cre8tive about outdoor displays and signage. Surprise people, make them stop & think, or just present the world with something beautiful. If you're not a church with a big letter board sign, cre8te something memorable using Mother Nature, art, recycled goods, or your products.



Gain Awareness

Make your own choice about Stopping Hate for Profit.

Transition Slowly

Practice proven strategies that have existed long before social media.

Enjoy more meaningful connections with your people off platforms that allow groups & individuals to profit from hate.

"Our Energy is our Currency. Invest wisely."


Shannon Beth Engravalle

Professional Creator for Cre8tive Professionals


Branding . Design . Marketing


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