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I Mustache You to Please Be Patient

If Autism has taught me anything, it's that those who practice patients are rewarded! Handsomely. In the best possible ways.

I'm not for a second going to pretend that it's easy. Ask any Autism Parent and they'll tell you that digging deep for patients for our kids often makes us much less patient with bonehead adults who should know better. I'm just saying if we all try just to be more a little patient the world WILL BE a better place for all of us. 💙💙💙 This Appreci8tion Cre8tion was inspired by our practice trips to restaurants. {Yes, we have to practice eating out or we'll never leave the house.} I use these printable cards as a friendly tool to give to our waiter or waitress as a little heads-up and I promise to leave a good tip for the mess that Boynado leaves behind.

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