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Got Any Big Plans for the Holidays?

It's finally summer. I hope you're reading this email in a free moment between making up for lost time and living your best life.

This is just a gentle reminder that the holidays are coming and planning ahead will not only generate gr8er results, it will also save you time & money.

Too Soon? I get it. So how about this? Utilize some of that glorious summer downtime to set intentions for the holiday season and email it to yourself. {feel free to cc: me} You would be surprised how effortlessly things come together when intention is set and we allow our ideas to take motion.


Inspir8tion to get you started.

Holiday branding is so much more than a logo used on greeting card. It's an opportunity to flex your brands personality, celebr8te with your people, and it's an age-old proven worthy investment for your brand's story & legacy. Maximize your message by featuring your holiday brand on websites, social profiles, advertising, emails, signage, employee apparel, and yes, branded gifts that WOW your staff & customers.

V.F. McNeil Insurance showcases a consistent traditional holiday logo.

While the stylish team of LDD Interiors switches it up every year.


it's not just about the holidays...

The Rain Wellness Spa brand freezes over in the colder months.

Rock Paper Sistas' celebr8tes their beachy vibe all year long with Seasonal inspired packaging.


It's all in the details. Plus extra time for shipping. Last year, I gifted my clients & collaborators these custom "Cre8tivity In Progress" door hangers. Cute & Purposeful right? They were a huge hit that would have never been possible had I not started the process with 4 month lead time.


Cre8tive Wisdom Thinking about a holiday brand? Seasonal branding should be fun or festive in your brands own unique way. Keep within your brand colors, and be sure your logo is clearly recognizable. I would be happy to cre8te concepts for you. Email me for a quote. Thinking about custom gifts? Start with Etsy. Almost anything you can think of that can be customized is available in reasonable quantities & pricing by American small businesses. Thinking about custom packaging? My favorite sites for producing the custom packaging that I design are noissue, Sticker Mule, and Etsy. Yes, Etsy. There are a variety of printers who offer the highest quality custom stocks and sizes at unbeatable prices - as long as you don't wait until the 11th hour. Questions? Email me, happy to help.

Cre8tive cheers to summer 2021 & intention setting!

After almost a year and half, Joey & I are finally getting back out for date night.

{sb} Shannon Beth Engravalle Professional Creator for Cre8tive Professionals {sb}Cre8tive Branding . Design . Marketing sb@sbcre8tive.com

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