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Fall in Love with the Unknown

If only we could give each other HOPE with gift cards... Life is one tough gig for all of us. Autism families live and function with a special kind of trauma {similar to the PTSD of combat soldiers, Google it} that leaves us paralyzed with fear, living secluded lives and feeling deeply hopeless - despite the very brave faces we put on for our kids, family and coworkers. Do you know one of these brave faces? Skip appreci8tion and go straight in for a HUGE hug. On repeat.

This "fall in love with the unknown" wisdom was gifted to me by my Kundalini Teacher @jennifergreenwald during mediation. These simple beautiful words jolted my heart like a defibrillator of light and ignited a subtle shift that changed how I lived my life from that day forward. These words gave me hope, permission to feel safe, they gifted me freedom from the jealousy of watching other peoples kids progress and they inspired me to be a Warrior of Service for my child.

I keep these words handy because life is hard and I need the reminder, often. My hope is that these words inspire you too. 🙏🏼💙

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