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Ewe 2022

It's the New Year. Hope this post finds you.

That's it. Keeping expectations low.

Like all ambitious Cre8tives, I had planned to share this way back in November... yadda yadda yadda .... today's snowstorm has me saying, "it's now or never".

As always, I promise to keep this brief & fun.


2021 was the year of doing whatever the fuck we felt like doing. Like swearing in emails.

All of those "why didn't we do it like this before?" improvements of 2020 continued to evolve to keep up with our ever-never changing lives. The veils on social media, politics & advertising were lifted, budgets were slashed, strategies completely "pivoted", and businesses operated on their own terms to survive/thrive in the new world that was 2021. 2021 was my opportunity to explore, experiment, and deeply enjoy my work.

Even with all the insanity and chaos around me, I'm Living the Cre8tive Life designing new ideas in the real-life trenches of business with dedicated hardworking people who trust me to do my thing and embrace the flow of cre8tivity. I'm in my own lane, feeling hella love & valued from the whole team. Gr8full.


a brief sampling of projects that fueled me...

Anything but basic.

The Rainiacs love Halloween and this year we made sure to lift spirits!

Watch it come to life!

Jennifer (Jai Jai) creates an experience that directly aligns your soul with healing and expansion. Her soul inspiring guidance, motivation and support creates  a divine alchemy each session you come to the mat. When you need an infusion of inspiration, drop in to a class with Jai. .     ALL LEVELS WELCOME  ​Class is 80% physical / 20% meditative.
Jai Yoga Madison

So dope.

For the first time ever in my cre8tive career, it was finally mainstream acceptable to make weed references in marketing. For the record, 'your own supply' in this promo refers to your breath. You'd be surprised how powerfully trippy breathing can be.

Elevate Daily Witches

Women In Control of Her Energy

Sweet Surprises!

Supply chain issues weren't gonna stop The Branford Community Foundation from thanking their generous 2021 donors. The cookie tins were a plan B that came out even better than plan A.

Party Time. Excellent.

LDD Interiors is celebrating 10 years in 2022... NO SPOILERS! Let's just say they are going ALL OUT and there's going to be a lot of confetti.

Sixteen Candles

The iconic Ella got a little work done for her birthday.

West Coast Swag

The Bay Area Beauty Engineer moved into merch including a line of Pride gear.

She sell seashells by the seashore

Lobster love about Rock Paper Sistas' custom details that remind us it's just another day at the beach.

This little guy is feature on stickers, blankets, hat and more!

Come Sea What's In Store!

What can I cre8te for you in 2022?

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