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8 Days A Week, I ❤️ YOU

If you're going to have a song stuck in your head all day, it might as well be a gr8 song. You're welcome.

We live, work and play at the speed of life. These days, life seems to be moving faster than ever. I think we can all agree... most weeks feel like 8 days. It's time we said enough already to candy-infused, commercial holidays focused only on romance AND we start expressing love, appreciation and gratitude for all the everyday people in our lives - EVERY. DAY. Not just friends & family, or co-workers & colleagues - the everyday people like your friendly neighborhood garbage person, the bus driver who keeps our kids safe, or the UPS guy who delivers all the stuff you're too lazy to go out and buy. The people who are with us 8 days a week.


I cre8ted some stuff to help us all get started. Free printables, shareables and a Spotify celebr8tion of tunes inspired by my own 8 days a week life. I hope you enjoy them, and pay them forward.

Please enjoy these Cre8tive tools designed to share with others.

Printable Art Decor8 with Good Vibes Only At home, at the office, in the bathroom, or on the fridge - this PDF download is ideal for those who love a gr8 visual expression.


Print & Fold Card Hallmark Not Required Go ahead, make someone's day with a spontaneous handwritten note. This card pairs well with hugs & treats .


The Social Share Graphic Save as, Screenshot, Right Click... it's all yours! Cre8tive Content Inspires: shares, comments, and attracts new like-minded fans Psst! I wanna see too. Tag me @sbcre8tive on all mediums.


The Stories Mention Save it to your camera roll, then import into your Stories on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat! Interrupt your regularly scheduled posting for a moment of love and appreciation to your fans and followers.


The Playlist Gr8 tunes inspired by life This is an abbreviated version of the playlist we cre8ted for Jake's baby shower 10 years ago. It's been playing in the background of our life every since. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.


~A Cre8tive Note~

This post was inspired by the endless love, patience, and perseverance required to care for a child on the Autism Spectrum. And by people like YOU who empower me to cre8te, share, and be the change I want to see in the world.

8 days a week, I love you.


Cre8tive People

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Shannon Beth Engravalle

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